Central Farmers Mutual Insurance can trace its roots back to the late 1800s and being established in 1893. In the beginning, we were part of the Randolph County Branch of the Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Association of North Carolina. That division primarily focused in serving Randolph County. Requests were being received for insurance in Moore, Montgomery and Chatham Counties. The Board of Randolph County voted to support the creation of an independent branch to serve these counties with the office located in Robbins NC. The reorganization took effect and on January 1, 1975 this new branch came into existence.

January 1, 1994, the Company was renamed to what it is today, Central Farmers Mutual Insurance. At that time the Company was granted expanded authority by the Department of Insurance to included 6 of the Central NC counties of Moore, Montgomery, Chatham, Hoke, Lee and Richmond.

1975 also saw the advancement of handling Dual Masthead policies which still continue under the strong partnership with Alamance Farmers’ Mutual Insurance. With this current partnership we are able to offer full home owners, farm owners, mobile home owners and church protector policies. In addition, we also offer protection for farm equipment.

Central Farmers Mutual Insurance remains a viable insurance organization and is committed to our motto: Dependable Value – Dependable Service.

Why Choose Mutual Insurance?
For starters, there are no shareholders – so that means we put the needs of our policyholders first. And that results in better service… suggesting ways to minimize risk… settling claims more fairly and quickly. No wonder more than 135 million policyholders choose mutual insurance to protect their property. Become a part of something bigger. Become a member of a mutual.